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Monday, July 05, 2010

What's UP Hedgehog??!!!

Ok ... first I must say ... "Sorry Mischelle! Barb MADE me do it!" :)

We had conversations at the TAC Seminar of the "monkey in the catalog" (or otherwise known as the hedgehog in the catalog) ... it is with the Oh Happy Day set on page 54 ... The best part of the story was that Paula Kay Bourland (the most prim and proper TAC Angel) actually pointed this out to Mischelle on how she had to make sure to color the flower petal green. Mischelle (the head of TAC) had no idea and turned 10 shades of red when Paula Kay told her this!

So then Barb Foster challenged me to make some hedgehog cards .... well here they are! And please note ... I only colored one of the flower petals green!

Hedgehog Love

For this card I paired the hedgehogs up with the baby hedgehogs from Hedgehog Happiness! I colored them with my copics. I added flowers, gems, and a ribbon around the nestie frame. Color of petal: brown.

Flower in Pocket

I added a flower and gems to this card with circle frames. I colored them with my copics. The patterned paper is from Uptown Girl. I pop-dotted the sentiment. Color of petal: blue.


I added some black ric rac and a pink bow along with a sentiment from Everyday English Cuties. I colored them with my copics. Color of petal: grey.

The Barb Foster Hedgehogs

So in honor of Barb Foster, I made this card "very Barb" ... ie dark, haunted, and in halloween colors.

Mischelle had told us that she had a personalized stamp made to go with some of our new deer stamps and it said "Do these antlers make me look horny?" ... so I took that idea and changed it up a bit for this sentiment.

I scraplifted the idea of the woven part from Barb's card on page 99 of the new catalog! (I truly love that card Barb). I used all of the "Barb" colors - black, orange, purple, green, and more black. I used my copics and sponged and distressed with my black ink. I added flowers and a brad and pop-dotted the sentiment. Color of petal: green.

Enjoy ... Hope you like these Barb!!


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! Love them! I am laughing so hard right now! I know it is all Barb's fault! SMILE!

Barb said...

O...M...G... Haaa haaaa! Not just one, but soooooo many fun cards :) They are really cute, Chelsea... and who knew hedgehogs could get so, umm, excited?! You know which is my favorite, right?

And I still maintain that I am not the only one to challenge you to make these cards... I'm just sayin'.

Haaa haa... "is that a flower"... I'm still giggling.

Patti J said...

LMBO...LMBO...LMBO!!!!! Chelsea, you rock! These are the best cards EVER!!! lolololol..... Barb's gonna have to get pretty creative now to beat you at this game! Oh my goodness - lolololol...

Michelle said...

OMGoodness this is a hilarious post!! You crack me up, Chelsea girl!! Barb is going to get a kick out of this for sure!!

Christine said...

OMG girl--you nailed it! Tee hee! I will pay you to make a set for me. {smiles}

Oh my gosh. This is sooooo funny!! That flower is not in the right spot huh? LOL

OMG I am cracking up - these are all just tooo funny and you did it with such good taste - what a great job you did on all of theme.

Karen S said...

I see the hedgehogs in a whole new light now. Very varied.
Love the 1st card with the hedgehogs hanging across the bottom. I WILL stamp lift that.

Oh you naughty girl!!! LOL! You are definitely giving Barb a run for the money! Love your cards!

Diane said...

You are TERRIBLE! LOL ;-)

Diana said...

you are amazing girl!!! all of them looks just perfect!!! you did a great job and Barb & Mischelle are going to have a fun time with them!!! I am sure they will love them!! great job "good girl", lol!!

OMG These are hilarious! Great cards Chelsea!

you are OUT OF CONTROL..... (jk). These are great............

Girl, you are too much! lol... Glad you are having fun with this set!
-Kelly R.

Sonia said...

OMG!! Love your cards... look funny and cute.
Love the Barb style card, you are very creative.
Now I love more the stamp you make different style cards, wow!! :-)


Susan said...

Ahhh...such an angelic post. I guess that being an Angel IS just more fun!

OMG!!! These are so great! The hedgehog love is hilarious! Love what you've done with that darn leaf!

Lisadwb said...

LOL, too funny!!

Anna said...

Goodness, I didn't even notice that about the stamp! Too funny! Adorable cards too!

Kim said...

OMG! To Funny... You guys are sooo bad!!! LOLOL!!!!

Suzanne said...

So, fantastic! I love them!!! You should do a blog hop just for these!!!! Of course, I can only participate if you're kind enough to send me the image! Haven't gotten any new ones yet! Hopefully soon!!!!

Seleise said...

so wrong and yet soooo funny! lol!

Anonymous said...

What a collection of cards!! Enjoyed them all!!

Anonymous said...

What a collection of cards!! Enjoyed them all!!

kssdesigns said...

This is hilarious!! Every one of these cards made me laugh. I never even noticed it until a fellow Angel pointed it out to me! So so funny!! Great artwork too! Keep "up" the good work!

Lisa T said...

OMG! Too funny! I can definitely see Barb's influence on at least one of those cards. ;-)

Kim said...

Too funny! I wasn't really interested in this stamp until I saw your cards. Now I have to have it!

Oh NO! That is BAD! Shame, shame! I'll just say "I don't know her!"

Bren said...

I am rolling in my seat (couch). Bad bad girl. But so great too.

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