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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Ant-tastic Stamps

The Rubber Stamp trend is here to stay, and enthusiasts are finding new ways to get creative with their stamps. More and more people are staying home and using DIY to save money and pass the time during the pandemic.

Lucky for you, we have another set of projects with our new rubber stamp set.

Our Ant Stamp Set allows you to get creative. 

Color it as many ways as you wish, and use as many or as few of the stamps as you fancy


Did you ever think you could get creative with Ants? With a little help from our Ant Stamp set, you can kick off your next project in ant-tastically!

We decided to try making a DIY gift bag with the new ant rubberstamp set. Other items needed for this project include a brown paper bag, craft ribbon, hole puncher, watercolors, fork, and cardstock paper.

This is a very import-ANT gift bag and the personalization shows it’s for a very important person.

Then, we matched the delicate orange ribbon to the background, and our new project was ready to go.

Since our rubber stamp set is clear, we used watercolor to paint the artwork on the gift bag. Adding a splash of orange to the black ant tied the colors on our giftbag together nicely.

Purple, Blue, and violet have such a calming effect when placed together. Soft blues and Soft grays play an important role in the project below. 

Using the criss-cross stamp below the ant gives it a ‘walking on the sidewalk’ effect, and perhaps this is a moonlight stroll for our ant as we’ve added jewels to the night sky.

Opposite of the calming effect, red is great for high-energy results. The slogan “Ants in your pants…Fire in your Soul” pops with color in the project below, where we used it in combination with the ant stamp in our set to create a fun card.

We’re always thinking of creative ways to add to our DIY Card stash and one of my favorite ways is to make celebratory and congratulations cards. 

Life is always worth celebrating!

Adding a cute ribbon to your card can take the personalization up a notch while giving it an elegant touch. We used the ant stamp, words, and criss-cross pattern to create a brick road for the ant.

On our next set of cards, we switched up the ground yet again, this time creating majestic rolling green hills. This ant was colored blue to blend in with the blue skies but pop against the clouds.

Below is a closer look at the ant and how he is colored to accentuate the blueness. Then used classic black to stamp the words “Time to Celebrate”. Using a classic black for the words allows the reader to focus on the beautiful art.

 Anniversary cards are also a great reason to make cards. It’s always nice to have a stack of these on hand! 

The background is stenciled to be more appropriate for the occasion with pink hearts. The pink hearts complement the pink ant that juxtaposes the blue one. Then, using the Ant set the “Happy Ant-iversary” words are stamped in classic black.

Finally in this project set from Ant is a card for everyday use. “Life Marches On”, stamped near some marching ants, sets a simple yet playful tone when giving it to someone during a time of transition. Black on white is traditional and, like a fine wine, it ages well. 

I hope you are inspired for your next stamping project!

It’s always a good day to get Inky with InkyStamper!

Please leave us a comment below and tell us about your next project 😊

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Thyme after Thyme

Thyme after Thyme, we search the internet for card ideas and craft projects with that touch of thoughtfulness and cuteness. 

Great News!! "You Herb it here first" .... we are sharing some new and exciting projects from our Herbs rubber stamp set.

There are so many exciting ways to use this stamp for your next project. From graduation gifts to teacher gifts, the ways you can use the art in our Herbs rubber stamp set are endless.

Let’s Get Inky!

 Check out our new Herbs rubber stamp set and see the endless possibilities with this stamp set.

Like the other stamps in our shop, it is clear to give you maximum room for creativity to flow.

Using the words in our herbs rubber stamp set “Bloom Where You Are Planted”, we set the stage for some cute art with Rosie in her herb pot, we make a pocket card and then added Basil seeds and a cute decorative ribbon to tie it all together.

The above project can also be used for a teacher’s gift or thinking of you gift to inspire a love of gardening and kindness.

Speaking of gifts, look at this cutie that we put together as an adorable plant gift set.


With twine, a plain pot to decorate, an easily taken care of houseplant, 2 plastic knives, and a few decorations from our herbs stamp set and this project is ready to rock!

Let’s take a closer look at our decorative pieces in our DIY plant gift.


For this artwork, we used a laminator because of its proximity to water. Laminating our artwork ensures it won’t be ruin with frequent plant waterings, extending the longevity of the gift.

Once craft twine is rolled around each of the two plastic knives, the image can be hot-glued on the top of the twine next.

The twine covers up the plastic, giving our plant a rustic home-grown look.

We used watercolors to color Rosie and her planter, keeping the colors natural to blend in with the plant. We added a pop of color to the flower with some pink, then colored in Rosie’s ears and cheeks to match.

Above, we used the words from our herbs stamp set, “Bloom Where You Are Planted”, which can have various meanings for the receiver.

For the final touch, we tied a twine bow around the base of the pot to match the twine on the plant picks.

Our crafty plant paired with our herbs stamp set makes the perfect thoughtful gift!

Carrying on with the theme “Bloom Where You Are Planted”, a card sleeve with those words is next in our Herb Rubber Stamp set series.

“You Herb it Here First” cards .... The wording can be used to make an announcement, such as your new address, baby announcement, or engagement announcement. We truly believe the possibilities of this phrase and projects are endless ... and cute!

As we did in our previous post, we decided to stamp the simple yet lovely flowers for the background of our card.  Then, under our main image, we placed a larger yellow cardstock paper circle. Adding layers of color adds dimension to your project! 

In this version of the card we added foam squares to the pot part of the image to make it 
appear 3D.

Last but not least in our Herbs rubber stamp series is….a lollipop holder! If you’re looking for new creative ways to give our treats for a birthday party or any special occasion, this is a must-try! 

Personalize a ready cute gift even more with our Herbs rubber stamp set. For this project, we got a little creative with the words on the stick, and we used “Love Ya” from our Cicada rubber stamp set. We used blue denim-ish cardstock and glued some doily lace and gems to adorn this delicate little project.

We hope you are inspired and see how verstile this set is from cards to projects! Especially for Spring!
It’s always a good day to get Inky with InkyStamper!

Please leave us a comment below and tell us about your next DIY springtime project 😊

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Just Chicken In on You…

In our chicken rubber stamp series of DIY projects, we get crafty with brown paper bags, soup, and scrapbooks. Read on to see how we used our new chicken rubber stamp set!

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know we love DIY of all kinds.

Getting inspiration from our chicken rubber stamp set, we put together a candy gift for a friend who needed some cheering up.

Getting inspiration from our chicken rubber stamp set, we put together a candy gift. 
We used the words “Sometimes you just gotta say CLUCK it and walk away” with classic black-on-white. We split up the words and cut apart the copy to give some pizzazz!

Using copic markers, we colored the chicken in with classic colors. We then coordinated those colors to the candy wrappers. And used the Hershey Bags that we also have in the store. Using the chicken wire stamp and the chicken feet stamp, we added more chicken fun to this project.

Speaking of coloring our chicken, for the next project we experimented by changing up the colors.

We created a few chicken scrapbook pages for a friends new chicken coop....

We loved decorating this up with chickens, egss, and fun shaker elements.

Next up in our chicken rubber stamp set series is “Just Chicken In On You”. One of the more versatile stamps in the set, this language can be used to send a quick hello or a note of concern for a sick friend.

First, we made a slimline card with the white and grey chickens. Picking a bright background like red really makes our fair-colored chickens pop off the card. We decided to have them ‘popping’ out of circles, so they literally look like they are "checking in" on the receiver.


Having gift sets on hand is something you can easily do with DIY projects. Making ‘care packs’ or ‘Feel better soon packs’ ahead of time ensures that when you hear a friend is sick, a nice cup of soup and friendly note are ready to go.

Literally, Chicken Soup for the Soul!

This project does require a shopping trip if you don’t have Lipton Cup-a-Soup on hand, but it’s totally worth the effort. Other items needed include packaging bag, ribbon, and some art from our chicken rubber stamp set.

Check out the DIY brown craft bag project we did below!

Artwork from our stamp set helped say all we wanted to say, “Just Chicken In on You”.

 Next, we decided to have a little fun with Tent Card because who doesn’t love a cute little fun fold card?

Next, we use “Just Chicken In on You” to add some more DIY cards to our stockpile.

By now, you must be thinking of what you are having for dinner tonight. Oh, just us? Well, allow us to introduce to you our “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” Card! It will have you thinking of chicken dinner in no time 😊

Introducing…… Christmas Chicken!

A homemade DIY ornament with the words “Merry CLUCK MAS” and chicken from our rubber stamp set. Using our white, red, and yellow chicken we added a candy cane colored stocking cap. The ornament is made with our Paper Clip Box.  A decorative white and red ribbon ties the colors together and serves as a loop for the ornament to hang.

We loved the look of Christmas Chicken in the candy-cane colored hat, so we instantly thought of a mini card / tag project.  Check it out below!

The last DIY card project in our chicken rubber stamp set is our Christmas chicken on a “Merry Christmas” card.

This card has a rustic feel thanks to the brown background which matches the kitchen twine tied in a pretty bow.

That concludes the chicken rubber stamp series! Drop us a note in the comments section and let us know which chicken project was your favorite!

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Fly to it! ...

We are back ... we took a hiatus from our blog to focus a little differently last year.
For the next 30+ weeks ... watch this blog as we spotlight a different stamp set every Sunday!  
This week we start with DRAGONFLY ...  

Looking for new ways to get creative? Consider making your own DIY cards for any occasion. Our Dragonfly stamp set can help you get extra-crafty while making personalized gifts.

From Graduations, to birthdays, to Springtime, our Dragonfly stamp set can help you celebrate.  

We love making homemade card sets to keep on hand when the occasion arises. They add a nice, personalized touch to any gift!

A recent project using the Dragonfly stamper had us adding touches of our favorite colors. Some ways to color in rubber stamps are colored pencils, chalk, watercolors, or markers.

We had so much fun with this dragonfly stamp set that we got a little carried away 😊

This is great because rubber stamping projects are very versatile!

Making the words “Trust your wings” and creating the dragonflies in advance allow us to create a last minute card without much effort as the components are ready-to-go.

Now that we are set with our dragonflies, we made even more Graduation/Congratulations cards because the season of graduation is fast approaching.

We used the same Dragonfly rubber stamp set to create the mini-album below, this time with the words “You were always meant to FLY…”

Our Dragonfly rubber stamps are superb quality and clear for perfect stamping everytime.

Next, we moved onto “Congratulations” cards. 

Here is a closer look .....

Here's another fun look for a card ... 

The dragonfly even looks cute on shaker cards and treat holders. 

Look how we added a graduation cap to the dragonfly.  This is one of the accessories in this set and it allows you to give your graduate a personalized touch. (with school color)

Here are more examples that were created by our design team and guests ... 



We used the flower stamp to make some elegant Thank You cards, pictured below.

We are excited to share with you the final project in this series because it is a unique one-of-a-kind gift for someone special. 

Trust your wings and pick up Dragonfly today!

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