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I have been papercrafting for over 10 years now. I love Stamping, Scrapbooking, Altered Items, and basically ALL Papercrafts. By day, I design packaging for pharmaceuticals. By night, I am a coach for Fun Stampers Journey and I love to stamp into the wee hours.

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Saturday, January 09, 2010
Copic Info

A lot of you have commented on how great my coloring was with the sneak peeks ... and I thank you for that. I truly believe that I could not color that well without my dear friends (my Copic markers). I have truly fallen in love with these.

You might have shyed away from them. You might have said oh they are too much money. And yes .. I too was with you ... but these markers are worth every penny!!! They are refillable ... they will never dry up (as long as you purchase the refills). And as far as getting to know how to use them ... take a class at your local LSS or watch some YouTube videos and just PLAY!!! These new TAC stamps are the perfect ones to "play" with.

Here is a video done by the Copic Certification Instructor Mary Ann Walker that I think is really informative and helpful in getting started with coloring: http://www.archiversonline.com/video/howto/copicmarkers/howto_copicmarkers.html
Have Fun and Get Coloring with your Copics!!!
(hoping that TAC will still be carrying these with the new Magalogue!!!)


  1. A little birdie told me that TAC is still going to carry them and they are in the new Serendipity! Woohoo!!

  2. YEA!!!! TAC will be carrying the Copic sets with the new Spring magalogue.

    They are going to be $175.95 ... but if you are a hostess or spend $100 you can own your own Copic set for 1/2 off (that's $87.98 for a set of 36!!! - best deal around!!)

  3. Chelsea, hang your head. You are SO going to get me in trouble! I never dreamt that TAC would let you do the 1/2 off on these! Wowzers!

  4. I am very excited TAC is carrying these and letting us get them for hostess half-off items because remember January through March we can get THREE hostess half price items!!!! Just sayin'! LOL
    Angel Hugs,



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