Sunday, April 18, 2021

Ant-tastic Stamps

The Rubber Stamp trend is here to stay, and enthusiasts are finding new ways to get creative with their stamps. More and more people are staying home and using DIY to save money and pass the time during the pandemic.

Lucky for you, we have another set of projects with our new rubber stamp set.

Our Ant Stamp Set allows you to get creative. 

Color it as many ways as you wish, and use as many or as few of the stamps as you fancy


Did you ever think you could get creative with Ants? With a little help from our Ant Stamp set, you can kick off your next project in ant-tastically!

We decided to try making a DIY gift bag with the new ant rubberstamp set. Other items needed for this project include a brown paper bag, craft ribbon, hole puncher, watercolors, fork, and cardstock paper.

This is a very import-ANT gift bag and the personalization shows it’s for a very important person.

Then, we matched the delicate orange ribbon to the background, and our new project was ready to go.

Since our rubber stamp set is clear, we used watercolor to paint the artwork on the gift bag. Adding a splash of orange to the black ant tied the colors on our giftbag together nicely.

Purple, Blue, and violet have such a calming effect when placed together. Soft blues and Soft grays play an important role in the project below. 

Using the criss-cross stamp below the ant gives it a ‘walking on the sidewalk’ effect, and perhaps this is a moonlight stroll for our ant as we’ve added jewels to the night sky.

Opposite of the calming effect, red is great for high-energy results. The slogan “Ants in your pants…Fire in your Soul” pops with color in the project below, where we used it in combination with the ant stamp in our set to create a fun card.

We’re always thinking of creative ways to add to our DIY Card stash and one of my favorite ways is to make celebratory and congratulations cards. 

Life is always worth celebrating!

Adding a cute ribbon to your card can take the personalization up a notch while giving it an elegant touch. We used the ant stamp, words, and criss-cross pattern to create a brick road for the ant.

On our next set of cards, we switched up the ground yet again, this time creating majestic rolling green hills. This ant was colored blue to blend in with the blue skies but pop against the clouds.

Below is a closer look at the ant and how he is colored to accentuate the blueness. Then used classic black to stamp the words “Time to Celebrate”. Using a classic black for the words allows the reader to focus on the beautiful art.

 Anniversary cards are also a great reason to make cards. It’s always nice to have a stack of these on hand! 

The background is stenciled to be more appropriate for the occasion with pink hearts. The pink hearts complement the pink ant that juxtaposes the blue one. Then, using the Ant set the “Happy Ant-iversary” words are stamped in classic black.

Finally in this project set from Ant is a card for everyday use. “Life Marches On”, stamped near some marching ants, sets a simple yet playful tone when giving it to someone during a time of transition. Black on white is traditional and, like a fine wine, it ages well. 

I hope you are inspired for your next stamping project!

It’s always a good day to get Inky with InkyStamper!

Please leave us a comment below and tell us about your next project 😊

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