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I have been papercrafting for over 10 years now. I love Stamping, Scrapbooking, Altered Items, and basically ALL Papercrafts. By day, I design packaging for pharmaceuticals. By night, I am a coach for Fun Stampers Journey and I love to stamp into the wee hours.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008
1st Grade Play

Chase's class is putting on play this week called: "It's a Jungle out There"

I offered to help out with the costumes and organized all of the volunteers with their tasks.

Here are my creations:

Hyena Hats
I actually inherited 6 of these with pointed ears that were bats on previous years. I rounded the ears and made them stand up a bit more. We needed 8, so I created 2 more to match. Oddly enough the inner part of the ears were made with Bazzill paper.

Monkey Hats
I made these with brown hats and added rounded little ears and felt pieces to come down on the kid's heads. Another mother is making tails with a wire coat hanger in them. They should look very very cute. 8 total.

Cheetah Hats
I had a lot of fun making these hats. I made all of the spots out of back felt that I die cut on my Sizzix! Who knew that the Sizzix could make cosutmes ... LOL! I glued big Googlie eyes on the hats and then folded some of the spots to use as eyelids. Lots of hot melt glue was used on these. I found great leathery material that I used for the noses. 3 total.

Leopard Hats
Ok so these were probably the most fun to make! I had great spotted material to work with. I made 8 shawls out of it and then still had a bunch left. I covered the brims with the spotted material and then I made all of the spots on my Sizzix again! What a great tool for costume making!!! I again glued big Googlie eyes on the hats and then more spots as eyelids. I used that great leathery material agin for the noses and inner ears. 8 total.

Here is a close-up:

Chase has all of his lines memorized and has been working on this play for weeks at school. Wish him luck. I hope to have pictures of the play to post later!


  1. I hope Chase's play goes great! Love all the hats you did! Most have taken a long time to do them all!

  2. Hey Chels. You should go into the animal hat making business. These are adorable



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